I think what is great about the video industry is that it is so versatile. There’s not like one set thing that you have to do. Not only are there so many various jobs in the field, but there are so many different types of video production. It’s just deciding what you want to do that is hard.

This has been an ongoing question that comes up in my life ever since I began to show interest in video. People always ask me: “are you going to be a big Hollywood director?” or they say,”remember me when you’re famous!” I don’t really have a goal in mind.

I have never had the dream of moving to LA and making movies. I mean if the opportunity came along and someone was like “come work on this film!”, I can’t say that I would turn them down. But I don’t plan to pack my bags after graduation and move across the country to try and “make it”.

I have also never really had the dream of moving to New York to work on some some big news show or TV sitcom. I mean if ABC called me up one day and offered me a job, sure I’d love it, but I don’t think that’s how this works.

I don’t really know where I want to work or what I want to do. I know that I love editing. I love capturing video. It is a really satisfying feeling to shoot and edit a video and then be able to say I made that. I love getting creative shots that other people might not think to shoot. I like when I show people something I made and they say “wow”. I mean I can’t say I have produced anything professional quality and I still don’t really have much of a reel to show future employers. It’s just something I love to do.

My mom always reminds me that “every company has a website and they all have videos.” I think my mom would like to see me stay in MA and find a steady job in a marketing department somewhere. And that is a very legitimate  facet of video production. Just like advertising! I think when people think of the video industry, their mind automatically goes to Hollywood or television. Those are definitely the largest and most talked about forms of video, due to the celebrity aspect, but are they the most important?

Maybe one day I will decide that I want to move to California and make movies. Or maybe I will want to work on a sitcom, or move to New York and be a part of the Good Morning America crew. I might decide I want to travel the world and produce documentaries. I could work for a large corporation producing all their advertisements and commercials, or I could record training videos for their new employees. Maybe I will just be a stay at home mom and Vlog my family on YouTube. Video is everywhere! These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. What I like about this field is the possibilities are endless!

Right now, I can’t say that I know what I want to do. I know that I like making videos and I think right now, that is all I need to know.


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  1. rmrickson says:

    I would subscribe to to your Vlog and maybe your blog will lead you to Ellen 🙂 You have endless opportunities awaiting, cant wait to read more!


    1. npat24 says:

      Ugh I should totally start vlogging, but I feel like the college community and so judgy and I’d look weird haha


  2. Great post! I really like the personal aspect. I am also interested in video for the same reason. You can do so many things with photography and video because of how versatile it is. What do you like to take pictures and videos of?


    1. npat24 says:

      Thank you 🙂 I like that aspect of blogging and being able to make it more personal and in my own voice. I love taking pictures of pretty landscapes! Sunsets and photos of the ocean are my favorites!


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