The cool thing about video being such a versatile medium, is that anyone can make it. You don’t need to be a professional cinematographer or videographer to make video content. Especially now that almost everyone has a smart phone, you don’t even need to purchase video equipment, you can use the camera right on your cellular device to produce good quality video.

Because of the accessibility of video now, more and more people are utilizing it. YouTube is not just a place for people to find music videos or minimal original content; it is becoming an industry. For some, even a full-time career. With monetizing and brand deals, people make large amounts of money for doing little work.

A style of video that is becoming more and more popular is the idea of “vlogging” aka video blogging. This can take many forms, but the main idea is that people record their daily lives and share it on YouTube. There is even an Guinness World Record for most consecutive daily vlogs posted on YouTube and this title belongs to Charles Trippy. Along with being bass player for the band We The Kings, Charles has been recording his life and posting daily videos to YouTube for years. He won the Guinness World Record in 2015 and still holds that title today.

Another famous YouTube vlogger is ShayCarl Butler, whose more popular vlog is called the “ShayTards”.

In this vlog Shay records his families daily life and with that he has created an empire. He is a millionaire- solely from posting videos on YouTube and building up a fanbase. After creating a fanbase Shay was able to create his own apparel and make money by selling that.

Not only was Shay able to make a serious profit from selling the items above, but his brand also has hats, backpacks and many other designs. Part of what makes the ShayTards vlog so popular is that not only is Shay a funny guy, but he has five adorable children and a gorgeous wife. Seemingly the perfect family, the ShayTards draw in a lot of viewers who love kids, but they also attract an audience who look up to Shay and his wife, Colette as mother and father figures. Once Shay realized that he could make money just by posting clips of his life online, he began to make this a daily routine. Shay also realized that people loved how adorable his children are, he began producing annual “ShayTard Calendars”.maxresdefault.jpg

Once Shay became a millionaire his siblings wanted in and the world wanted more of them as well since they had been featured from time to time in his vlogs. Currently both his brothers, his sister and his parents all have YouTube accounts from which they vlog. This has definitely become a family affair. They even started a new clothing line together as a family called Trixin.

This family fascinates me because they aren’t spectacular. They don’t have any special talents. They are just normal people going about their lives in Idaho, yet people love them. Some might even go as far to say they are obsessed with this family. It just goes to show you the power of YouTube and how it gives you the power to reach so many people and the platform to become so successful, from the comfort of your own home.



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