This generation is such a visual generation!

So much so that mediums are merging. I mean, this has been happening for some time now, but one crossover that has caught my attention recently is the fact that a lot of people who produce podcasts are now video recording them and posting them online for their fans to WATCH.

By definition, podcasts are:  a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

So basically they’re just a radio show thats available online. But now podcasts are expanding and are being video recorded so that more visual subscribers can watch the podcast as well as listen to it. And yes, I am aware that video podcasts are a thing and people call them videocasts or vidcasts, but I am talking about traditional audio podcasts here.

One example of someone who is embracing this new podcast trend is ShayCarl Butler. Shay and his wife Colette have been doing a podcast for a while called, When The Kids Go To Sleep, which is available on iTunes. In addition to the files being downloadable from the iTunes store, Shay also has the podcast video recorded so that they can post it on YouTube. This draws in more viewers from the YouTube community and makes the file more sharable online.

At first I thought that this was something that only Shay did because of his existing presence on YouTube. As I have mentioned in a previous post, Shay is a YouTube “vlogger” and has built up a pretty substantial fanbase over the years. Since he has so many YouTube channels and so many people that wait for him to post every day, it makes sense that he would make this podcast available to them on the site too, but he isn’t the only one doing it.

One podcast that I listen to regularly is The Wally Show. This is a show on the radio station WAY-FM and in addition to the regular morning show, Wally records a podcast. One thing that his producer Zach started to do recently is he live streams the podcast on Facebook, records it and posts it to YouTube.

My question is, does video recording something that is meant to be simply audio, take away from the people who are only listening to the podcast? Now after being a video viewer, it makes me not want to go back to solely listening to it because I feel like I will miss out on something. I used to listen to the podcast while I was out for a walk or doing laundry, but now I feel like I need to give the screen my full attention to see what they are talking about.

For example, with the podcast above, Wally refers to the beards of the guys in the band that are in the studio with him. So if you are just a listener, you have to imagine what they look like. Or sometimes Wally will show something to the camera, like the CD album cover. Or Wally and the other people on the show will talk about one of their outfits or hair styles and as a listener you miss out on all of these visual things.

I think in the past, previous generations would probably be okay with just listening, but now we need to be able to see everything. We don’t like to leave things up to the imagination. We don’t think about how our need for more could be corrupting the existing medium.


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