Along with my love of taking pictures, I also love to share pictures. The most common way that I share pictures is through Instagram. I have had an account for about 3 years and have posted around 1,200 pictures. That’s a few more than one a day. Some people get annoyed with how frequently I post, but I don’t really care because I view my Instagram as a portfolio. It’s a way that I can have all of my favorite pictures in one place so if I am looking for one, I know right where to find it.

Another way that I share my photos is by printing them. I love having pictures hanging all over my room, in as many places as possible. I also like to give them to people. I used to just go to CVS or Walgreens and pay around 30 cents a print to print them instantly from their photo kiosks. I was never really pleased with how they turned out. I felt like my pictures really lost quality when I printed them, so I stopped doing it because it was just a waste of money.

This past Fall I got a school email saying that Shutterfly had a promotion for students going on where you could print as many prints as you wanted for free, you just had to pay the shipping. Since I love hanging pictures and hadn’t printed in a while, I decided to give it a try. I was skeptical about what the quality of the pictures would be, but I figured the best time to try was while they were free.

I printed hundreds of photos! And let me tell you-they are vibrant! I could not have been happier!IMG_3519

The photos look exactly like they did on the screen (since this is a picture of the prints they don’t look as great as they do in person). The colors really pop. The texture is perfect. I have placed two more orders since the first one and I already have a folder on my phone called “next round of Shutterfly” because I have more prints I want to get.

I personally love the 4×4 size option because I think the squares look really cute when they hang. I love that Shutterfly has so many products that you can personalize and that would make great gifts. My cousin has a photo of her dog printed on a pillow and it looks adorable on her couch, especially when her dog lays next to it. I am definitely thinking of getting one of my dog.

What is great about Shutterfly is that they always have some kind of promotions going on. Right now everything is 50% off!! Not only is it a great site for you to print for yourself, but they have products for the whole family- and they’re all such great quality.

I mean it when I say I would never print pictures anywhere else again.


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