When it comes to photography, you never stop learning.

Just recently I came across a trend called the 52 Week Photo Challenge, generated by Petapixel. I found this challenge fascinating. Groundbreaking. Why you may ask? Because not only is this challenge encouraging people to self teach, but it is also motivating them to share their work. This allows photographers to search other people’s photos from the challenge thus creating an atmosphere to educate as well as allowing for constructive criticism.

After I realized this annual challenge existed I began reading posts by people participating in it. One post that I read surprised me because it was about breaking the rule of thirds. As Carolyn discussed in her post, the rule of thirds is when the frame is divided into 9 boxes by a grid. Typically photographers aim to frame their subject in the right or left of the frame, like the image below for example.


In this image the house is the focus, which is why I framed it so it would be off to the right. This is more visually appealing to us because our eyes tend to be attracted to the sides of the image as opposed to the center.

I believe Carolyn brings up a great point when she says the rule of thirds can be broken. And should be broken. As you can see in my image below from my last post, the sun is almost perfectly centered. The sun is definitely meant to be the main subject of this image, but I think it would look odd if it were off to one side or the other.


While we are talking about rules, I wanted to share a post called the 10 Top Photography Composition Rules. I love this article! It’s a really good tool to find some quick tips that will really make your photos more appealing. You may even be doing some of these things without knowing it! Sometimes I look back at my photos and I’m surprised by how often I instinctively use the rule of thirds, leading lines, etc.

I want to leave you with a post I came across that shares some helpful tips to making your photos look more professional.

Because let’s be real, that’s what we’re all shooting for. 😉


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