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Finding the best angles and cutest poses for pictures can be a lifesaver.

The key to a good picture is good posture. Stand up straight and be confident. Good posture will also elongate you and makes the picture more flattering. When trying to have good posture you want to steer clear of looking stiff. Loosen up and have fun!

When snapping pictures with a group of your girlfriends you don’t want to just follow their lead. Come up with you own pose, be different; this is not high school prom anymore.

Are you stressing over your double chin in your pics? Or better yet, you want the defined jawlines look? Well you got it! Press your tongue on the roof of your mouth and smile. I know it may feel super awkward but trust me, it will be perfect for those selfies.

Angle your face because it grabs the natural lighting and gives you a more comfortable look. Whether you angle it to the left, right, up or down makes no difference. Some people feel like they have a “good side”, so if that’s you, make sure you angle your face so that side is facing the camera.

My go to pose is the hand on the hip, and this is a common pose for most celebs as well.


This is so your arms won’t look like they’re just hanging there. You always need something for your arms to do! If you are not feeling the whole hand on the hip, try holding your arms slightly out to the side. If it’s a more casual, almost comical pic, a thumbs up is always a classic pose.

Add a little twist to the body so the picture is not straight on. You can give it that red carpet type of feel. Don’t be afraid to get creative! You can even completely turn around and do the over the shoulder look. If you do want to go with that full body head on shot cross your angles. Crossing your angles spices up the picture. This also elongates your legs and makes your body look slimmer.

Most importantly of all, just have fun!

       Here is a great article that I found with some more tips on how to pose for pictures!


And remember, do not be afraid to practice those poses in the mirror. 🙂


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