I love Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Love it!

Surprisingly a lot of people don’t even know Lightroom exists within the Adobe creative cloud because typically when we think of photo editing, Photoshop comes to mind.

Well, I am here to tell you that Lightroom does exist and it is fantastic.

While I am not an avid user of Lightroom, I am definitely a fan. The main reason I don’t use it often is because, to put it simply, I am lazy.


Lightroom is definitely a software that photographers need in their back pocket. It gives you so many options for tweaking and fine tuning your pictures. It’s really about adjusting the color and lighting of your pictures. Hence the name LIGHTroom. It also doesn’t actually alter the original photo, you’re basically saving a set of instructions telling Lightroom how you would like it to save a copy of the file. This is a real plus for some photographers who want to keep the original files in tact.


It can take a photo that was once very bland and plain looking and turn it into a photo that really pops!

For someone like me that loves my pictures to be very bright and saturated, having great control over these adjustments is a must.


One of the best features of Lightroom are the presets! This is the reason this software is so great for event photographers. If you are photographing a wedding you want all of your pictures to have a similar composition more of less. Lightroom is great for this because you have the ability to create presets and once you’ve created a preset you can apply it to multiple photos.

Adobe also has a Photoshop Lightroom app so you can edit photos quickly on your phone.59848-img_0303.jpg

This is where my laziness excuse becomes no longer valid. It seems so much easier to make quick adjustments in Instagram before uploading a pictures, but when you can make even better adjustments with Lightroom on your phone, why wouldn’t you. The app cuts out that extra step of having to upload the pictures to your computer to edit them. The app makes things quick and easy, though you do have more options with the desktop version.

If you already have the Adobe suite and haven’t checked out Lightroom yet, it is definitely worth your time!!

Here is a quick video from Adobe that showcases some more of Lightroom’s great features!


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